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Chainsaw Man: Top 6 Fun Facts About Denji That You Didn’t Know!

Denji is the main character of Chainsaw Man who is currently on the rise. He is so popular because he has several characteristics that are rarely owned by the protagonists of shounen manga today. What are the interesting facts about Denji? Check out the article below! 1. Made a Devil Contract at a Low Cost  […]

Review Chainsaw Man: Shonen Jump’s darkest, most violent manga currently

Highly appreciated by Japanese professionals, Chainsaw Man is a dark but equally fascinating manga. It is also the manga that holds the title of “Shonen Jump’s darkest manga”. What is Chainsaw Man? Chainsaw Man is an action, horror, dark fantasy manga written by Tatsuki Fujimoto (Fire Punch). The story was first released in 2018 in Weekly Shonen […]

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