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Joseph Joestar – JJBA: 5 Facts You You Wanna Know About Him

Joseph Joestar, the second main protagonist in JoJo’s Bizarre Adventure, was able to swiftly rise to the top of the franchise thanks to his stint as the star of Part II: Battle Tendency. Joseph helped JoJo’s Bizarre Adventure reestablish itself after Phantom Blood by being funny, self-centered, and naughty. Joseph has a close connection to the franchise’s origins. That’ll naturally contribute to the popularity of any character, but it unquestionably helps that Joseph is a compelling figure in and of himself. He’s a mysterious character despite appearing in three parts.

Joseph Joestar - JJBA: 5 Facts You You Wanna Know About Him
Joseph Joestar – JJBA: 5 Facts You You Wanna Know About Him

1. Joseph Joestar is the first JoJo who appeared in more than one part

Although Jonathan Joestar may have started the series, Joseph is the JoJo who ultimately laid the groundwork for subsequent heroes. He not only takes up Jonathan’s position as the primary character right away, but he also manages to play an important part of the plot in three consecutive parts: Battle Tendency, Stardust Crusaders, and Diamond is Unbreakable.
He is the major character of Part II and one of the key characters of Part III, although having a very minor part in Part IV. With appearances in each major arc from Part III until the conclusion of Part VI, only Jotaro can compete with Joseph.

2. He is the only JoJo fighting all three major threats

Joseph Joestar - JJBA: 5 Facts You You Wanna Know About Him
Joseph Joestar – JJBA: 5 Facts You You Wanna Know About Him

Joseph Joestar has fought against each of the three main enemies that make up JoJo’s Bizarre Adventure: vampires, pillar men, and stand users. He faces out against Straizo the vampire at the beginning of Battle Tendency, four Pillar Men for the remainder of Part II, and many Stand Users for the entirety of Part III.
Jotaro never had the opportunity to encounter any Pillar Men as he battles a vampire and Stand Users. Joseph is the only significant figure to actually engage in combat with a Pillar Man. Only Caesar and Lisa Lisa, both minor roles, are the other two individuals that engage in combat with Pillar Men.

3. He is still alive by Stone Ocean

The author of the series, Hirohiko Araki, went out of his way to make sure fans know that Joseph didn’t perish away after the events of Diamond is Unbreakable despite not appearing in either Vento Aureo or Stone Ocean. It just makes natural that he would ultimately pass away given his memory loss and advanced age.
Not at all, though. By the time Stone Ocean ends, Joseph will have reached the age of 91. Although Joseph may have lived to a ripe old age, it’s unlikely that he survived Made in Heaven’s acceleration in one piece. Of course, Part 6 doesn’t exactly end well for the Joestars.

4. The only character who can use hamon & a stand

Given that he was established as the protagonist before Stands were developed as a concept, Joseph is a particularly intriguing character. He was nevertheless important enough to have a part to play when Stands were ultimately incorporated into the series. As a result, he becomes the only figure in the series who is capable of using both a Stand and a Hamon. It’s true that the Stardust Crusaders’ focus on Stands means that his Hamon doesn’t amount to much throughout Part III, but it’s a fascinating aspect of Joseph that keeps the show true to its beginnings.

5. DIO could have been defeated by Joseph under normal circumstances

Joseph Joestar - JJBA: 5 Facts You You Wanna Know About Him
Joseph Joestar – JJBA: 5 Facts You You Wanna Know About Him

In Stardust Crusaders’ last combat, DIO ends up murdering Joseph very soon, which is really the only possible outcome. Joseph would realistically prevail over DIO in a straight-up duel. Joseph is not just shrewd enough on his own, but he is also by far the most powerful Hamon user in the whole franchise.

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